Previewing persistence queries in Doctrine ORM

Today I ran across a tricky issue which I needed to resolve in Doctrine ORM. I was working with an EntityManager which existed only as a mapping of an existing denormalized schema, so as to simplify the API to that schema in an application which was already using Doctrine. Having mapped the schema (and used […]

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Composer and HHVM on Ubuntu 13.10

Today I’ve been playing around with running HHVM to run the various codebases I maintain, and tools I use. I thought I’d jot down some of the process I’ve gone through for getting everything working. My test system is a fresh install of Ubuntu Server 13.10. Update the system and install git. Add the HHVM […]

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JMicron JMC250 Gigabit NIC Speed Issue in Linux

As of today, September 14th, 2011, the jme driver for the JMC2x0 line of NICs is not up to date with the release by JMicron, and this seems to result in the NIC only managing about 10 megabits-per-second, instead of the gigabit speeds that it should. The resolution to this is slightly more than updating the driver, but the other steps aren’t something the average user will figure out on their own.

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Don’t buy anything with nVidia Optimus. Ever.

So you’re looking over that snazzy new laptop, drooling at the prospect of dual graphics chipsets; one for power-saving, and the other for blazing-fast gameplay. You’re thinking to yourself “Man, that sounds great! I can save my battery life, while still enjoying top-notch graphics!” Boy, you’d be wrong. Optimus is far less than optimal Today […]


Using the Windows COM in PHP

Occasionally, when developing a desktop application or service in PHP, you’ll need to delegate tasks to components of Windows. This is where COM comes in. Luckily, PHP has had working COM support for several years. What is COM? The best description of COM, in this context, comes from the PHP documentation: “COM is an acronym […]


Client-Side Javascript NBT Decoder

After finishing up my NBT Decoder/Encoder for PHP, I thought that it mustn’t be too hard to implement the same thing in Javascript. At first, I thought it would be a bit more difficult because, so far as I knew, Javascript couldn’t handle reading files without first posting them to a server. Little did I […]


The Basics of Web Marketing

There are thousands, if not millions of articles, guides and books about marketing your business online. By no means would I say that they’re all wrong, but I must say that a significant minority of them are either wrong, or are going about things in a very wrong way. Given this, I thought I would […]

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NBT Decoder/Encoder for PHP

Yep, it’s another binary format decoding project. I just about had my fill with nVault, but decided to give this a whack, since there doesn’t seem to be a working script for decoding the NBT format using PHP. The Chase As with the nVault project, if all you care about is the resulting code, it […]

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PHP-GTK Documentation Rewrite

All of my recent blog posts seem to start with “For some time”, or similar. I suppose the reason for this is that I’m always writing posts in retrospect, having worked on an issue long enough that I find it interesting enough to blog about. I’m forced to do the same with this post, because […]


Boot Your Real OS from VirtualBox

This post seemed a logical extension of my last post, Installing Ubuntu to a USB Hard Disk. As a preface to this post, I’ll set out the following scenario: You’ve installed Ubuntu to your USB Hard Disk, but now you want to boot into it to configure it. As with the install itself, you’d rather […]